• Lashes

    Full Set Extensions

    135 min…………….$ 250

    Partial Set Extensions

    90 min……………..$ 125

    Lash Extension Fills

    90 minute eyelash fill……………………….$ 100

    60 minute eyelash fill……………………….$ 65

    Lash Lift
    45 min……………$ 50

    Lash Tint
    30 min……………$ 30

  • Waxing

    Prices starting at listed price. Special Notations for Waxing:
    Hair growth must be approximately one-quarter inch long minimum. Please inform us if you are taking antibiotics, Accutane, Retin-A or similar products. Guests should not tan for 24 hours prior to or following waxing. Avoid use of alcohol, blood-thinning medications or glycolic products.




    Chin wax does not include the sides of the face.



    Please specify when booking what areas are to be waxed.



    Price listed is starting price.



    Remove hair from wrist to elbow OR elbow to shoulder.



    Remove hair from ankle to knee OR knee to hip. Does not include bikini line.



    Remove hair on the back OR chest. Includes tops of shoulders, but not into the upper arm. Prices start at listed price.


  • Makeup

    Full Face Makeup Application
    60 minutes……………………….$40

Signature Services

Novalash Eyelash Extensions Full Set

Novalash eyelash extensions are applied individually to each lash. Waterproof. Oil-Proof. Sweat-Proof. Mascara no longer needed. Applied by a certified Novalash Extensionist. Does not damage natural lashes. Indefinite wear with monthly touchups. Client will receive 80-100% coverage of your natural lashes.

90 Minute Eyelash Fill or Partial Set

The 90 minute fill is for clients who had a full set applied and have less than 50% of extensions left. The Partial Set is for the client looking for 50% or less of each eye to have extensions. Please inquire with questions.

60 Minute Eyelash Fill

This fill is the suggested monthly fill after you have received your full set. Client has 50% of lashes from previous appointment. Please inquire with any questions.

Lash Lift

This service is for natural lashes only. Perm solution is used to create the illusion of length and volume by lifting the lashes at the root. The effects last for 8 weeks and will slowly fade over time.

Lash Tint

Darkens the appearance of natural lashes using demi-permanent color. Lasts for up to 8 weeks.
  • What are Novalash Extensions?

    Individually bonded eyelash extensions that will need to be filled approximately every 4 weeks when cared for properly.

  • Will they damage my natural lashes?

    When applied properly, they will not damage your natural lashes.

  • How long will it take to apply a full set?

    Approximately 2 hours for the first application and 60-90 minutes for fill appointments, however this may vary some depending on how long has passed between appointments.

  • What if I want a more natural look?

    We will customize your appointment for the look you want. Extensions can range between a more natural look, a more dramatic look or something in between.

  • Can I live my life like normal?

    They are waterproof and oil proof. As soon as you leave you can shower, swim, or go in a sauna. You can do anything you would normally do.

  • Can I use mascara?

    Most people find they do not need mascara after their appointment, however if you choose to wear it, NOVALASH makes a mascara that is extension safe.

  • Can I use my normal skin care products on my lashes?

    We recommend using the Cleanlash cleaner to clean your extensions, however you are free to use any products that are glycol and carbonate free.

  • I have sensitivities to some products, can I get Novalash Extensions?

    Yes! We have an adhesive formulated for those with sensitivities.

  • What do I need to do to prepare for my appointment?

    When coming in for an appointment, please do not wear any makeup and remove contact lenses if at all possible. There is no talking during the appointment once the application process begins, so please bring in an ipod or music player to enjoy and plan on using this time to relax.